The one of a kind asset that has taken the industry by storm is only growing. The hype is here to stay and it isn’t going anywhere. From all the media reports, podcasts and mainstream support it’s only going to continue. When we created ZADA’s eco system we made a conscious decision to not only provide our investors with an opportunity to earn in new and exciting ways but to give our investors a chance to enter markets they wouldn’t usually be aware of if not through ZADA.

Our discussions with some of the most heralded artist and illustrators in the FT space was not only regarding the design and narrative but how we can assure our investors are prioritized and given the best opportunity to access what will be some of the most exclusive and collectable pieces of art in the NFT space.

The approach we will take is the same meticulous approach we took with the ZADA universe and the pending well thought out ecosystem.



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