The ZADA Presale is Coming!

2 min readNov 17, 2021
ZADA Presale on PinkSale

With just under 2 days left till the Presale we wanted to share some of the presale stats with you all!

The team is fully KYC’d and DOXXED with PinkSale as you can see by the “KYC” badge on the ZADA Presale page on PinkSale’s site! We believe this is a VERY important part for any presale. Being KYC’d and DOXXED with PinkSale means that if any project does anything to scam or steal funds they know exactly who is responsible for it!

The presale will be on presale partner PinkSale!

Presale Stats:

Presale is Whitelist Only: Winners of the ZADA Presale Whitelist Contest will be emailed on the 17th! (Be sure to check your spam inbox as well for an email)

Soft Cap: 300 BNB

Hard Cap: 600 BNB

Tokens For Presale: 534,000,000,000 $ZADA

Tokens For Liquidity: 336,000,000,000 $ZADA

Presale Start Time: 2021.11.18 17:00 (UTC)

Liquidity Percent: 70%

Liquidity Lockup Time: 180 days after presale ends. (this is just for liquidity generated by the presale, all liquidity generated from the 4% LP tax is permanently locked in the contract and cannot be removed)

After Presale PancakeSwap Launch

ZADA will be launching on PancakeSwap shortly after the Presale is completed! We will have Voice Chat open in our Telegram during the Presale and during the PancakeSwap launch so please feel free to join the Team to ask questions and stay up to date the fastest! Join the TG ➡️


Any links to presale other than the one linked here is a SCAM and funds should never be sent to them! We are not responsible for lost funds due to falling for scams!